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Hello and welcome to the Barnyard! 

New LG Studios series - Lucy and Goosey are reporting news stories from around their town of Havensburg. You can get a sample of this upcoming series on the LG Studios page with a juicy limerick and brief introductions to a few characters. Stay tuned for more information on how to purchase this series coming to the Barnyard soon. 

Enjoy your stay at the barnyard and feel free to look around. Be sure to  take a look at my gallery for pictures of my artwork, scrapbooking and photo album. 

The main thing I want to promote on this site is my Lucy-Goosey comic strips. I have a page for a "Lucy-Goosey: Cartoon of the month". The cartoon will be replaced frequently, so make sure you come back often or you'll miss out!

Thank you for coming to my site. I invite one and all to sit down, kick your feet up and stay a while. 


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